PHM-CEE Conducting Medicines Needs Assessment in Macedonia

5 July, 2016. Skopje:

Working with government hospitals in order to systematically identify areas of medicines shortages, a “needs assessment” is being carried out by PHM-CEE of Macedonia.

The project lead is Dr. Venko Filipce and he is supported by Miljana Stojanovska. The objective of this project is to better understand the medicines shortages within Macedonia and identify the greatest needs among the individual hospitals. In short, this assessment will ultimately shrink the unmet medicine needs of Macedonian patients.

The results of the medicines needs assessment will enable PHM-CEE to work with Direct Relief and other NGOs to guide their efforts in supplying medicines to Macedonia.

In early 2016 PHM-CEE and Direct Relief, a USA based humanitarian aid organization working in 70 countries, were able to supply nearly $1 million USD in cancer medicines to University Department of Oncology Skopje Hospital.

“We are working to expand our successful efforts with Oncology Skopje Hospital to the rest of Macedonia” said Dr. Filipce. “With this medicine needs model we will be able to help guide future NGO activities to better reach more patients in need,” Dr. Filipce concluded.

Dr. Filipce, PHM-CEE co-founder and board member, is beinMiljana Stojanovskag supported in this project by Miljana Stojanovska.

Ms. Stojanovska is a medical student at Medical Faculty ”St. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She is also a National Officer on Public Health, Macedonian Medical Students’ Association, Skopje; a Youth Ambassador for Cancer Prevention with the Association of European Cancer Leagues, Brussels; and President of the Organizing Committee for the 39th International Medical Scientific Congress.