Rule of Law
Working with prime contractors, PHM-CEE’s partner PHM International has been able to support the development and implementation of programs that help establish reform of judicial institutions, court management, and regulatory framework.

Specifically, we have worked in the CEE with:

  • Capacity building of the judiciary at large
  • Court administration and management improvements including
  • Financial planning and oversight
  • Human resource management
  • Strategic planning, policy making, and fostering policy dialogue
  • Legal and judicial training to enhance technical and managerial skills
  • Delay reduction programs
  • Performance standards, audits, and management statistics
  • Information technology and justice sector automation
  • Ethics and discipline systems
  • Commercial courts
  • Resource, budget, and financial planning and oversight
  • Human resources management
  • Strengthening civil society advocacy, participation, and monitoring


Civil Society Organisations
Our civil society programs have enabled organizations to map their own challenges and influence their local policy. We’ve been able to strengthen the leadership capacity of national and community organizations throughout the CEE region.

Exposing new and young CSOs to international best practices, emerging country challenges like their own, and blending the two, we’ve been able to illustrate the medium and long term accomplishments capable with commitment.

Elevating public awareness about basic rights and community needs and amplify the voices of marginalized citizens and civil society groups, CSOs in the CEE and CIS region have an obligation, and opportunity to benefit from past experiences.

PHM-CEE is able to offer a range of training and experience sharing programs, including practical step-by-step guides on building successful campaigns, persuasive messaging techniques and media relations, and advanced strategy building for issue-specific advocacy campaigns.